Dr. Tilara Featured in Khabar Magazine

Dr. Amish Tilara appears in the January 2016 issue of Khabar Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the Indian-American Community.

You can find Dr. Tilara’s ad on page 75 of the magazine.

About Khabar Magazine:

Khabar is a monthly magazine for the Indian community, free in GA, AL, TN & SC. Besides Indian-Americans, Khabar also reaches other South Asian immigrants in Georgia—those from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka who share common needs for good and services. “Khabar” means “news” or “to know” in many Indian languages, but we are a features magazine rather than a news publication.

Since 1992, Khabar has enjoyed a central and significant presence in our vibrant community. More than 100 organizations in this area use it to communicate their events and happenings to the larger community. Our articles and editorials strive to hold an effective mirror to our community, with topics that are relevant to a wide spectrum—from new immigrants to those of the second and third generation. With stories ranging from interracial marriages to trials and tribulations of the youth and the seniors, the magazine provides a thought-provoking medium for the community.

Dr. Amish Tialara feels that by reaching the Indian community in the Atlanta area, he can increase the awareness about the vascular and vein services he provides. His office in Lawrenceville, GA includes a complete state-of-the art surgical suite with along with numerous exam and treatment rooms. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like diagnosis and treatment of vein and vascular conditions for uterine fibroids, varicose veins, spider veins, and other vascular diseases please call 678-878-4555. Dr. Tilara accepts most all insurance plans, managed care, and Medicare.

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