Your Summer Checklist for Taking Care of Spider Veins and Promoting Vein Health

Are you doing enough for vein health? Most of us don’t think about keeping our veins healthy until the summer months begin to approach and we start to worry about spider veins. However, there are many everyday things we can be doing to keep our veins healthy in preparation for summer. Amish Tilara, M.D. and the staff here at the Atlanta Vascular and Vein Center in Lawrenceville enjoy sharing tips for good vein health with our clients from Duluth, Dacula, Buford, Grayson, Lilburn, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee and surrounding communities when they come to see us with questions regarding spider veins and general vein health.

The reality is that our veins deserve a lot of credit for all of the work that they do. Our veins work to carry deoxygenated blood back to our hearts constantly. However, they are actually very thin and stretchy when compared to other circulatory components in our bodies. This is why veins can sometimes become damaged or create the appearance of spider veins on the surface of the skin. While most people assume that spider veins only occur in older women, the reality is that men and women of any age can develop spider veins. It’s important to take some steps to maintain good vein health, promote healthy blood flow and create strong, attractive veins. Take a look at the top tips for good vein health.


Exercise is good for every part of our bodies. It is especially good for vein health. Activities like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling and other cardiovascular workouts are excellent for our veins.


What you eat can actually show up on your veins. Foods that contain bioflavonoids have been proven to improve vein health and reduce some of the symptoms of swelling and pain that are caused by vein issues. Leafy greens, cranberries, blueberries and garlic are some vein-friendly foods that are very rich in bioflavonoids. It’s also important to avoid a high-salt diet because consuming a lot of sodium can cause damage to the veins.


Vitamin C and vitamin E are incredibly important for good vein health. Vitamin C acts to keep the walls of the veins strong and flexible. In addition, it helps to prevent the appearance of spider veins under the skin. Vitamin C can be effective in the form of supplements with the aid of your doctor or when absorbed through eating foods like oranges, grapefruits, melons and papaya. Vitamin E is important for vein health because it promotes healthy circulation. Vitamin E can be taken in supplement form with the aid of your doctor or absorbed through eating foods like eggs, sweet potatoes, nuts and leafy greens.


It’s important to stay hydrated all year long. It’s especially important to stay hydrated as we head into the summer months and we want our veins to look their best. Be sure to try to get in at least eight glasses of water per day for optimum vein health.

Daily Habits

There are some simple daily behaviors that can reduce the chances of developing spider veins. Making sure to maintain proper circulation when resting is important. This can be achieved by elevating your legs while relaxing and avoiding crossing your legs when seated. In addition, wearing support hose if you spend long periods of time standing or sitting can make a difference. It is especially important to practice habits for good vein health if you’re pregnant.

Treating Spider Veins Early

Seeking proper treatment for spider veins early can help to prevent them from becoming more visible. Leaving spider veins untreated can cause them to become more severe over time and lead to skin rashes, ulcers and tissue infections. It is always important to have your spider veins looked at by a vein doctor to make sure they aren’t indicative of a larger underlying health issue.

Are You Concerned About Spider Veins?

You might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to take care of spider veins before summer arrives. Amish Tilara, M.D. offers a variety of treatments at the Atlanta Vascular and Vein Center that are designed to address vein issues of all types. We offer spider vein treatments for patients throughout Duluth, Dacula, Buford, Grayson, Lilburn, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee and surrounding areas here at our vein clinic in Lawrenceville, GA. We will be able to evaluate the severity of your spider veins and present you with treatment options. Call our office today to make an appointment to meet with Amish Tilara, M.D. and the friendly staff at the Atlanta Vascular and Vein Center here in Lawrenceville, GA.

All of the information provided above is intended to be used as general information only. It should not be regarded as a diagnosis or used as a replacement for medical treatment. You can book an appointment at the Atlanta Vascular and Vein Center here in Lawrenceville if you’re looking for a vein doctor in the Atlanta area. Seek medical attention immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms related to your veins or vascular health.

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