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Trigger Point Injections


Trigger point injections (TPIs) are a good option for some patients when it comes to successfully treating pain. TPI is a process used to effectively treat key areas of painful muscles that have certain knots of muscle, or trigger points that develop when muscles don’t readily relax. Often, these knots can be felt just beneath the skin. Trigger points can aggravate nearby nerves and generate referred pain, which is pain that’s felt in a different area of the body.

About the Procedure

During a TPI, the doctor carefully inserts a tiny needle into the trigger point of the patient’s muscle. The injection itself contains saline or a local anesthetic, and may also have a corticosteroid in it as well. Because of the injection, the patient’s trigger point is rendered inactive and therefore alleviates the pain. Frequently, a short course of treatment generally leads to continual relief from pain. A trigger point injection only takes a couple of minutes to perform and is usually administered in a doctor’s office. In fact, multiple sites can be injected in just one visit. In certain cases, a patient may have an allergy to a particular drug in which case a dry-needle approach can be used instead without including any medications.

TPIs are used to treat a variety of muscle groups, particularly those located in the neck, lower back, legs, and arms. Also, TPI is also effective in treating tension headaches and fibromyalgia as well. Some doctors will also use it in order to improve myofascial pain syndrome if it fails to respond to other key treatments. But, the overall effectiveness for treating myofascial pain using TPI is still currently being researched.

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